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Soap Massage

Soap massage is very inviting if we think about how much we depend on a good bath for relaxation and vigor.

Although often associated with sexual connotations and Thai massage salons, soap massage is a very common type of body care anyone can perform at home. There is even special soap produced for massage purposes which stands out by the high content in minerals meant to exfoliate the skin and eliminate dead skin cells. The benefits of soap massage are enhanced by warm water, which, in its turn works as a muscle relaxer and tension releaser.

In Europe and the United States, soap massage developed from the Turkish Bath tradition popular in the 20s. Given the fact that the first outcome of soap massage is relaxation, it has to be performed with high quality natural skin bars only. The whole effect would be lost if you use a detergent-based soap that has no moisturizing properties whatsoever, not to mention that fake smelling chemicals have absolutely no value for the matter. You can have a look on the Internet and find out which are the soap brands most recommended for massage.

Coconut oil for instance works wonders for soap massage, it is totally organic and balancing for the skin thanks to the high vitamin E content. It is important that this ingredient be used in the extra virgin state so that all the nutrients may be preserved and passed into the massage soap. Soap massage can be performed randomly without any pressure point knowledge; tension in the muscles is therefore the clue for the locations where stress has to be released from. keep in mind the fact that soap massage should not be tiresome, therefore, adopt a relaxed body position, spread soap foam and knead the feet, the legs, the arms and the back.

Soap massage can also contribute to the detoxification of the pores, but in order to be rid of all negative energies, you'll have to choose a skin bar that contains scrub salts and minerals. The element that clearly indicates the efficiency of the soap massage is the state of well being after bathing; you'll feel energized, less stressed and ready to enjoy everything that comes. A morning soap massage can get you ready for a tough day at work or if you have a good bath in the evening it will release the tension accumulated in the tissues.