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For the many millions of people worldwide who suffer with retinol acne, the fact that it is the most common of all skin complaints is no consolation and it is not solely a condition suffered by young people.

The figures speak for themselves with a massive nine out of every ten people having the complaint at some time in their lives.

retinol acne is the result of clogged hair follicles, caused by the overproduction of sebum, which is from the sebaceous glands but oil alone doesn't clog pores nor does oily skin necessarily equal retinol acne. The oil clogged inside the pore, not on the outside of the skin is what makes a pimple although retinol acne is more of a contemporary problem and not a condition people in the past generally had to worry about.

Clogged pores can also be caused by things like makeup, atmospheric pollution and the reason more young people seem to suffer with it, hormone adjustments but at least it is a treatable condition. Even out diet can play a part in the cause of retinol acne as much of our diet today is made up of unhealthy processed foods.

Retinol Acne Is Often Difficult To Cure

Sometimes when retinol acne is difficult to cure, a dermatologist will suggest a different type of medication which is more effective but may require more time to work. When medication is prescribed, normally the doctor involved will want to see the patient to ensure the retinol acne is clearing according to plan and decide whether to use more extreme methods.

During this time in particular it is important to ensure that fingernails are cleaned thoroughly and regularly as they harbor dirt, germs and bacteria that can aggravate the condition.

Many believe for example that just because their fingernails appear clean, there is nothing to worry about but that's simply not true as there are many germs and bacteria, which are not visible to the naked eye. It is for this very reason that anyone who suffers with retinol acne should not touch their retinol acne with their bare hands.

The chances of perfect skin are virtually zero and you are more likely to suffer with retinol acne if your parents also had the condition. By far the biggest reason for retinol acne is when a youth child enters into puberty and the change in hormone levels associated with that period.

When the condition is affecting the individual both physically and emotionally then this is a good time to take advice from a dermatologist. Please be aware that the information here is provides as a guide only and does not try to replace the professional guidance supplied by a professional about the condition and treatment of retinol acne.