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The Facts About A Remedy For Acne

Few things in the world of skincare are as dreaded as acne.And something else that enjoys prominence on that list is acne. But it’s not just teenagers who fear a breakout – adults who thought they were finished with blemishes also dread breakouts as well. There are many options on the market today for people looking to find a good remedy for acne.

First, of course, there are the hundreds of creams, both prescription and non-prescription, that are used to try and get rid of acne.However, most people will end up having to try many different creams before they find one that really helps them get rid of their acne altogether. This is because, while the creams have some of the same ingredients, they don’t have much more than that in common so some will work for you and some won’t. And the ones that can’t find one that’s effective end up going to a skin specialist and getting prescribed something stronger and the cycle starts over again.

Then, there are the more “natural” ways people try to get rid of their acne problem.For instance, using special masks is common – like the honey mask.Honey is great for sensitive skin and it has natural antioxidants help keep acne at bay. They even choose to eat foods that are rich in zinc, which is a natural antibacterial agent, or carrots because of the Vitamin-A they contain, as it protects skin tissue and helps prevent acne.

However, the truth – according to countless skin doctors – is that there is no true “remedy” for acne, no matter which cream you use.Doctors have tried for years to develop a pill or cream that, once taken or applied, would get rid of acne forever but nobody has succeeded.Washing your face regularly goes a long way to preventing this.Keep your hair off of your face as well – your hair has oil in it that can cause breakouts.

However, you can do things to help prevent it.First, wash your hair often and keep it out of your face. No matter what you do, it will probably keep coming back – you can use the creams, take the pills, keep your face and hair clean and there’s still a chance you will experience an acne breakout.Your hair contains oils that can smear onto the skin of the face and end up contributing to breakouts, so keeping it clean and away from your face prevents that from happening.

While a remedy for acne may not be too far off into our future, for now we are stuck trying to manage it – and while it can be tough to do successfully, it can be done.