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Organic Soap

In contrast with many detergent-based commercial soaps, organic soap is gaining more popularity every day.

The market preference is justified by the natural content of such products that rely not only on herbal extracts and essential oils but on algae, honey, milk and minerals too. In the majority of cases, organic soap is handmade, sometimes in small home businesses. The information on the ingredients and the manufacturing mode are usually available on the label. The more difficult manufacturing process influences the price a bit, but organic soap is surely affordable, usually showing a few dollars difference from commercial products.

There are plenty of additional uses of organic soap complementary with the basic skin cleaning purpose. Some users choose organic products for environmental reasons, others focus on skincare alone. Whichever be the case, organic soap has optimal characteristics reflected in the skin softness and tissues moisture. The glycerin content is actually the one responsible for the soft and beautifying effect of organic soap, while the herbal and essential oil ingredients address various medical conditions such as lesions, skin infections, acne or dermatitis.

Some organic soap varieties have great anti-oxidation or anti-aging properties: it is the case of products that contain milk nutrients, honey, algae, aloe or more special minerals like silver and gold colloids. The effect of this kind of organic soap is cellular regeneration, but soaps are not concentrated enough to compete with anti-aging skincare treatments. Organic soap is just the element that enhances and preserves skin beauty by supplying the substances that keep it supple and fresh.

The use of organic soap for the entire family is highly advisable; even baby skin tolerates organic soap thanks to the similarity with the skin neutral pH. Pay clear soaps which you may think to have a lot of glycerin. Read the label to make sure that alcohol is not listed among the ingredients since such a component usually gives the great transparent look but dries the skin. Organic soap that contains traces of alcohol can be effective for oily skin types but without excessive usage.