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Light Treatment For Acne

Part of the cause of all acne is the bacteria growing under the skin. Regardless of what your parents may have told you, it is not caused by eating too much chocolate or pizza, although touching your face with oily hands may help block the pores in which bacteria can hide and grow.

An effective treatment for acne involves killing the bacteria and it has been found that an light treatment for acne can show quick results in breaking down the bacteria that causes acne.

While benzoyl peroxide is the recognized leader in killing bacteria and is used in most acne treatments, using blue and red acne light treatment is showing exceptional help for acne sufferers. Some people cannot tolerate benzoyl peroxide, but they do not have to continue to suffer acne out breaks, regardless of the reason. Whether it is due to hormonal changes, such as teen acne or that experienced by many during pregnancy, or caused by a skin condition that produces too much oil in the hair follicles, an light treatment for acne can be used to stop the blemishes from appearing.

For years it has been known that sunlight is an effective treatment for acne and as most occasional acne sufferers know they have very few blemishes when they spend a lot of time in the sun. However, sunburn and the risk of skin cancer precludes its use as an light treatment for acne.

Using Ultraviolet Light That Does Not Burn

Research has shown that using ultraviolet light outside the spectrum that damages the skin by burning, an light treatment for acne can be achieved. Most common is the blue light spectrum as well as the red light that has shown to reduce the amount of bacteria in the pores by as much as 99.9 percent in only three days.

When using benzoyl peroxide, users find they also need to use facial washes and skin conditioner to offset the dryness experienced by using this treatment. While the cost of acne light treatment devices are higher than many of the over the counter treatment medications, when the costs of the washes and conditioners are factored in, they will be close to the same.

Additionally, there is little chance of damaging the skin with chemicals and the user does not have to worry about red rashes or dry skin spots appearing at the point of application, as those using benzoyl peroxide have experienced. Using acne light treatment is showing to be a safe and effective alternative.