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Cystic Acne Treatment

Cystic acne is probably the most painful and troublesome of all acne forms since it is a deep skin layer infection that breaks out in the form of red pustules filled with pus.

Scientific investigations have not come up with a unilateral explanation of the causes behind cystic acne: hormonal imbalances, dirt accumulation in the pores, age, post-pregnancy modifications and other situations have been identified so far.

Some medical experts even claim that cystic acne is partially hereditary, which makes some people genetically predisposed to developing this skin condition. Mention must be made that acne is not a chronic condition, but a temporary phase that with proper treatment and adequate care can be cured and eliminated. The mistake lots of acne sufferers make is to pop the pustules that are so unaesthetic and painful, without knowing that the result could be permanent tissue scarring.

A very often encountered problem is the lack of efficiency of over the counter ointments for cystic acne treatment. The explanation for the problem is the lack of specific action for the damaged skin areas. Moreover, cystic acne is responsible for the formation of skin pits that scar the tissues permanently. Acne as such appears because of pore clogging and blackheads formation; without proper treatment the disease can degenerate in a variety of ways.

The cysts formed under the red swollen pustules give the name of cystic acne to this serious skin condition. Given the fact that this acne type is the severest, the therapeutic approach is equally intense. Prescription-based drugs are used as a means to reduce the number of pustules and cysts in a short period of time. Benzoyl Peroxide is a common topical remedy prescribed for the treatment of cystic action. The application should be done on a doctor's recommendation and following specific usage instructions.

It is a mistake to eliminate the natural skin oil when you suffer from cystic acne. Doctors often prescribe oral antibiotics too when the acne break out is very intense and difficult to control with topical remedies. Cystic acne usually affects the face and it can have various degrees of severity from one patient to another. The peeling formula for instance is highly practiced in the gradual elimination of the cysts. This treatment of cystic acne resembles steam peeling very much and the procedure has been efficient in a number of cases.