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Why A Cystic Acne Cure Is A Specialized Treatment

Cystic acne is a serious variant of a simple health issue, one that nearly everyone goes through at some time or another.And even worse, it can have a permanent effect on a person’s appearance in the form of scar tissue formation. While cystic acne can affect any part of the body, it is most common in the face and so the chances of facial disfigurement are high.

Ordinary treatment will not help with cystic acne and it is best to use a specialized cystic acne cure to treat the condition. It is always best to consult a dermatologist before undertaking any form of treatment or trying any type of cystic acne cure.

Cystic acne takes a long time to heal because the infection, in the form of pus filled nodules, develop under the skin. It is for this reason that the topical creams that are used for normal acne treatment are of little use as a cystic acne cure.Additional lotions or skin cleaning formulation may also be prescribed to be used in conjunction with the topical medication.

Since in most cases these are prescription medicines, you have no choice but to consult a doctor. Oral antibiotics are also often used as a cystic acne cure, often with large vitamin A supplements to counteract the skin drying and other side effects these medications often have. The most common drug used as a cystic acne cure is Isotretinoin, although other branded medications are also available. Since the infection is seated under the skin surface, a cystic acne cure usually takes longer than curing simple acne.

The causes of cystic acne are yet to be properly defined.While hormonal changes are the most common cause for the onset of the problem in teenagers, other factors come into play when older people are affected. That is why consulting a skin specialist is so important.In addition to any type of cystic acne cure you may opt for, a few basic precautions like washing the face 3 or 4 times a day and making sure that the affected areas are not touched or scratched can help in speeding up the cystic acne cure.

If the cystic acne has left scars on the skin, chemical peels can form part of the cystic acne cure as they work to reduce the amount of visible scarring on the skin surface. It is always best to consult a dermatologist to see what type of cystic acne cure is best for you.