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A Simple Home Body Acne Treatment

Acne is a condition that affects everyone sooner or later. Body acne can be very painful and, whenever a body acne treatment is not used in time, complications and infections of a more serious nature can set in. Treating body acne is not difficult and if you can follow these few simple steps to a body acne treatment then you should be able to rid yourself of the problem without any hassles.

Herbs such as bergamot, chamomile, juniper, lavender, burdock root and dandelion root when consumed either as part of the diet or as supplements are known to be anti-inflammatory and to help in keeping the skin smooth and clear.But following this course of action should be able to help you rid yourself of normal body acne.These steps apply to any part of the body where you may have body acne and need body acne treatment.

One Efffective Body Acne Treatment Is Showering After Exercise

Body acne occurs most on parts of the body that sweat the most so showering as soon as possible after any form of exercise is the first part of your body acne treatment.Or you could make a thick cinnamon and honey paste which can be applied to the affected skin overnight.

You can make a home made acne treatment lotion which will not just sooth the irritation but also speed the healing process – recipes can be found in any home skin care book. A simple body acne treatment that works to immediately reduce inflammation is making a poultice of ground sesame seeds mixed with water and applying in on the inflamed portion of the skin.

If need be buy an acne treatment spay or gel – there are many over the counter products that can help in the overall body acne treatment process.If there is still no improvement you should contact a dermatologist who will be able to prescribe a body acne treatment that could consist of topical treatment or oral medication or perhaps both.

As part of your body acne treatment plan make sure you do not wear any rough fabrics that could chafe the skin and cause even more irritation to the affected areas.Also do not wear tight clothing, even if it is soft.While trying this or any other body acne treatment process, keep an eye open for any unexpected side effects.If any of these occur and are serious enough to cause you discomfort of any kind, stop the body acne treatment and consult a doctor.By and large simple hygiene precautions such as these and the use of herbal body acne treatments can treat most body acne problems.