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Bad Acne Effects Millions

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There are many misconceptions about acne despite being one of the most common skin conditions around the world; the main belief being that it only affects young people.

In fact nearly 90 percent of people suffer from acne sometime in their lifetime and while bad acne is dreaded, it usually shows up during our teenage years and fortunately, many people outgrow it.

Our sebaceous glands produce oil called sebum which fouls up the hair follicles and contributes to acne but this is not the only substance responsible. The oil clogged inside the pore, not on the outside of the skin is what makes a pimple although bad acne is more of a contemporary problem and not a condition people in the past generally had to worry about.

Among the many causes of clogged pores are the use of makeup, everyday air particles and often a simple case of hormonal changes but while acne is a part of life for many individuals, it can be effectively treated. Even out diet can play a part in the cause of acne as much of our diet today is made up of unhealthy processed foods.

Bad Acne- The Stubborn Cases

When people have more stubborn cases of acne it is left to a dermatologist to prescribe a stronger remedy which may require a longer period of use. Having a dermatologist treat the condition is not such a bad idea as he or she will be able to better check on how well the treatment is he prescribed. The person suffering with acne must remember not to scratch at or attempt to remove and pimples as any bacteria carried beneath the nails could cause further infection.

Germs and bacteria are not normally seen by the naked eye so just because the fingernails look clean does not actually mean they are. It is for this very reason that anyone who suffers with acne should not touch their acne with their bare hands.

The chances of perfect skin are virtually zero and you are more likely to suffer with acne if your parents also had the condition. By far the biggest reason for acne is when a youth child enters into puberty and the change in hormone levels associated with that period.

If necessary, bad acne sufferers should consult a dermatologist or qualified physician for acne treatment. The information here is not designed to replace the advice given by a doctor, dermatologist or other medical professional.