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Acne Scar Treatment

The large number of acne scar treatments often makes the choice of the right one more difficult for the sufferer, particularly since each of the people around one seems to have some kind of

magical cure. The acne severity level is the one to influence the treatment and the therapeutic approach, thus there can be mild, medium or aggressive, however, people who experience an aggravation of the condition ought to see a doctor before administrating any remedies.

Besides the topical and oral medicine or the acne skincare products, the support of the acne scar treatments by a correct hygiene is a must. Thus, the application of gel, cream or ointment is only allowed after cleaning the skin with soap and warm water. Moreover, do not try to camouflage the acne under thick layers of make up that only affect the skin capacity to breathe and thus make the skin look worse. Knowledge of the dos and donts of a good acne scar treatment will save you lots of unpleasantness.

According to doctors, when well chosen, an acne scar treatment can put an end to the acne outbreak efficiently. Sometimes several therapeutic methods are combined for a successful outcome; a good example here is the use of the physical acne scar treatment such as through light therapy and the administration of prescribed medication like an antimicrobial or a special cream. When prevention and curative precautions are not taken at least in the moderate acne stages, the condition may result in permanent scarring.

Severe acne forms are recognized by protruding red pustules with cysts beneath the skin. An acne sufferer affected by cystic forms will most surely experience serious skin damage and plenty of scars. An acne scar treatment for this stage of disease evolution is usually more expensive and time-costly: drainage surgical techniques, incisions combined with oral antibiotics represent the main solutions for the melting of the cysts and the improvement of the skin health.

Once the infection is under control, the dermatologist will most surely suggest acne scar treatments to eliminate the problem of the scars. You may choose from dermabrasion, laser therapy, blue light therapy, collagen injections and a few other expensive procedures. The problem with this part of the acne scar treatment does not result only from the high costs but also from the extensive treatment period. Several sessions will most often be necessary, carried out over a six month or one year interval, not to mention the side effects and the painful episodes after each therapeutic procedure.