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Acne Rosacea Skin Care

Acne rosacea is a somewhat common skin disease. Due to the disease, red spots that are similar to pimples appear on the faces of the individuals. However these spots are not pimples but expanded blood vessels that show through the skin, {creating} red color dots on different areas of the face. Generally, areas such as the chin, the forehead and the lower part of the nose commonly display acne rosacea. The term acne rosacea skin care might actually not be the most correct name for the treatment of this specific skin disease because the name is simply rosacea and the reference to acne is in fact because of the similarity between acne and rosacea.

Acne as we all know is most common with adolescents. Acne rosacea on the contrary is most common among people with fair skin who are between the ages of 30 and 50. The good news about acne rosacea skin care that is different to other types of acne treatments is that there are no whiteheads or blackheads to be concerned about. Although acne rosacea is most commonly associated with women, the disease is more severe in the case of men.

If the disease continues it is best to seek medical attention. Even though acne rosacea will normally appear and disappear suddenly, it is highly possible that it would reappear. Especially when acne rosacea appears in the eye, neglecting the disease could result in your vision being impaired. Not receiving acne rosacea skin care treatment could result in one's nose and cheeks reddening and puffing up. In the lower part of the nose and on the cheeks thick bumps might also appear, having a negative effect on the appearance. {The other bad news is that Acne rosacea cannot be totally cured in most cases. However acne rosacea cannot generally be cured completely, }it can be treated and the effects of the disease could be minimized.

A person suffering from acne rosacea should remember that any activity that would expand his/her blood vessels could worsen the disease. This unfortunately will mean that certain sacrifices may have to be made such as not drinking alcohol, refraining from smoking and not eating any hot/spicy food. Certain cosmetics, soap and even hair sprays could worsen acne rosacea so those with the disease should be careful in using such products. Using sunscreen when going outdoors could also help those suffering from the disease. Laser surgery could be used in some cases when treating this disease.

Some people who suffer from slight cases of acne rosacea never realize that they even have the disease. The fact that there is no specific test for acne rosacea has been the main cause for the disease going undetected and preventing the proper acne rosacea skin care treatment.