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Acne Control

One usually achieves acne control by the constant use of cosmetic or pharmaceutical products with a topical anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

This is the case with products that contain bezoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or powerful oily extracts, yet such treatments do have a downside too. If the application is not correct, healthy skin portions can be affected as well. Acne control should therefore be taken gradually and wisely in order to prevent further harm infliction on the tissues.

A product favored by many doctor as a good acne control method is tretinoin. It triggers the superficial skin exfoliation and causes a de-congestion of the pores. The problem with tretinoin is that it aggravates acne in an initial stage of reaction before curing it. Among the adverse reactions to the treatment we can count stinging, swelling, flushing and skin scaling. You can find acne control products with tretinoin as the major ingredient in the form of gels, creams and facial lotions. It's your choice!

Adapalene is another acne control treatment form that is available prescription-based. This medication keeps the pores clear but it also triggers some very uncomfortable symptoms too: itching, local dryness, swelling and skin irritation are the most frequent. It is an absolute must to remain under professional observation during the use of this acne-control product, particularly when you have to take antibiotics too as a complementary form of support.

Other than the dermatological way to achieve acne control, cosmetic treatments do deserve some attention too. The only difficulty with cosmetic compounds is that they can aggravate or camouflage acute acne outbreaks doing more damage than good to the skin. Products that contain oil, lanolin, petroleum or stereatic acid should be avoided because the block the skin pores. Alcohol is much better under the circumstances, but the highest quality is available with water-based cosmetics.

Although you may put high hopes in the acne control by means of some wonder product, remember that prevention works miracles for the skin look. Learn how to deal with zits, how to treat and prevent further outbursts. Stick to a healthy diet because junk food only adds up to the toxins in the system and makes acne worse.