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Acne Clear Light Treatment

Suffering with acne can not only be uncomfortable but also cause embarrassment. Acne sufferers will search widely and spend lots of money on various treatments.

 Some are lucky enough to live on the West coast and are able to spend time in the sun and swim in the beautiful salt water of the Pacific Ocean. After a week of summertime fun in the sun, those of us with problem acne have probably experienced our skin improving. This is due in part to the sun’s heat and the ocean’s salt water killing off the bacteria on and under our skin that causes the acne. But when the cool weather returns and we spend more time indoors that irritating acne returns. Acne Clear Light Treatment works in much the same way as the sun’s rays. We all strive to use natural products as much as possible. We try to find new ways to avoid ingesting drugs that could have long lasting side affects. When it comes to acne there are literally hundreds of treatments being advertised. Some may even claim to be all natural and with little side affects.

Acne Clear Light Treatment, when administered by a professional, is excellent and safe for most skin types. It does not involve ingesting possibly harmful drugs. This light treatment has delivered excellent results for acne clearance. Most patients have experienced up to a 90% clearance of acne lesions after an 8 session treatment course and remain acne-free anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

This treatment sometimes requires the patient undergo a two step process. A solution of 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) is first applied to the skin. This medication increases the skin’s sensitivity to the light. This improves the effectiveness of the light treatment. It is left on for a period of 15 – 60 minutes. The length of time depends on how serious the acne problem is. After the Acne Clear Light Treatment it is advisable to wear sunscreen for at least 48 hours. Some patients have experienced swelling and redness attributed to the ALA. The ALA is cleaned from the affected areas and the Acne Clear Light Treatment is applied. Heat and light penetrate through the skin to destroy the P.acnes bacteria. The Acne Clear Light Treatment sessions can add up (sometimes up to $900 for an 8 week session) and may need to be repeated 6 months to a year after the first treatment.

During puberty and into our twenties seems to be the time when our pores commonly become blocked and create a closed anaerobic environment that leads to the rapid buildup of the P. acnes colony under the skin. Usually, as we mature, the acne eruptions seem to subside and repeated treatments are less necessary.

The pros acne clear light treatment seem to outweigh the cons. The only con we have heard is that the ALA applied to the skin can cause so much swelling and redness that the patient did not want to complete the sessions. When properly administered and advice followed to stay out of direct sun and wear sunscreen for at least 4 days after treatment, the patients are generally pleased with the results.