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Acne Care Treatment

What are the things you do to be rid of acne? What treatments have you tried so far? If squeezing pimples and covering the lesions with make-up represent your idea of acne care treatment then, you

should know that such practices will aggravate the condition, extending the infection to other healthy tissues. Patience, commitment and strict hygiene rules make the foundation of good acne care treatment that will eventually leave the skin clean, soft and smooth.

An imperative rule for acne care treatment is to always clean the skin gently. The myth of scrubbing the tissues in order to get rid of the oil surplus is false since you'll make the problem worse. The basic medical piece of advice here is to wash the skin with warm water and a mild cleanser with a pH similar to that of the skin. Two products that seldom fail for the matter are glycerin and herbal soap. If acne is extended the face area alone, then, make sure to to clean the skin from jaw to hairline well.

Make a rule not to touch your skin except for the moments of cleaning and other special acne care treatment routines. It is known that pimples will get worse on the portions where pressure is put on the skin. For men, shaving could be a problem because of the risk to harm the skin even further: a bit more attention and the right choice of the razor should eliminate or at least minimize the risks. Soften the beard to make it easier to shave and less uncomfortable for acne.

Do not create an acne care treatment routine based on all sorts of myths or words of mouth. A relevant example here is sun exposure as an anti-acne treatment. Well, the truth is that it makes the blemishes less obvious because of the color change, but the benefits are only temporary and on the long run, the condition will worsen under the action of the ultraviolets. Moreover, in case you administrate some form of medication for the treatment of acne, sun exposure is counter-indicated because of the higher sunburn risk.

Then, the choice of quality cosmetics makes another aspect of acne care treatment that often gets overlooked. Eye shadows, moisturizers and foundation should be oil-free and water-based. Moreover, it would even be wise not to use any make up at all particularly if you follow some treatment for red and scaly tissues. Choose all such items carefully to make sure that they are adequate for the skin health condition.